In the beginning was the celluloid.

Our Telecine is the gate between the analog film world and todays digital reality. The film scanner can get every detail off the material in the highest possible quality that is still not matched by digital cameras. Film material has more stops, more Ks and a much better reproduction of colours. To get all the advantages of film in digital formats we use the best and most reliable film scanner to get this work done. It’s more than inserting the film strip in a machine a pressing play. When we start scanning we directly begin optimizing the image regarding sharpness, color balance and detail level.


Peter Deinas
Manuel Lebelt


Millenium II 4K Datacine
Rohde & Schwarz Clipster

The Telecine Suite

The film scanner is an indispensable component of our postproduction company and should therefore meet the highest quality performance demands. At the moment, the fastest of them all is the Millennium II 4K Datacine. The 3rd party Remote Control feature allows the use of remote logging and a comfortable means for EDL management. Our scanner does 5 fps in 4K resolution and still 15 in 2K. HD of course runs in real time. It is the most modern and flexible film scanner that functions either digital or analog in HD, 2K, 4K resolution and in all film formats from 8mm to 70mm.

telecine-1 telecine-2