Film Restoration - REVIVE THE LOOK

Film restoration is also part of the performance spectrum of Scanwerk. Restoration does not only mean to repair film material but to reawaken the look, therefore the zeitgeist of a past era and a former intention combined with new aspects of quality. Scanwerk has made restorations for Wim Wenders, John Woo, the Fassbinder Foundation, Till Schweiger and many more. It is primarily about digitalization and the construction of high-quality masters for broadcasting or DVD utilization. A film restoration is comprehensively prepared, the quality of material, perforation and film edges inspected as well as respected on mechanical degredation of the material like scratches, wrinkles or rips with great attention to detail. Specific filters shall be employed based on particular scenes to retain detailed information. Scanwerk allows you to scan from 16mm and 35mm material in HD, 2K and 4K high resolutions.


Uli Palko


MTI Film – Correct DRS