Colour Grading - LOOKS GRADE

Life is colourful and the world’s play is set between black and white. Your pictures are more than just optimised with the help of high-end technology – they are optimally adjusted in context with your visual concepts by our experienced colourgraders who aim at the best look with their feeling and experience for the best scene, look and zeitgeist.

It’s not the sword which is powerful, but the hand which wields it.


Peter Deinas
Manuel Lebelt


Baselight TWO, Blackboard 2
Pandora – Pogle Revolution
Autodesk – Lustre
DaVinci 2K
DaVinci – Resolve


The Colourgrading Suites


The Baselight Suite

Filmlight`s Baselight is a colourgrading system for non-linear complex grading dealing with all input and output resolutions and formats up to 8K. The Blackboard 2, the latest hardware control surface allows to use optimally the features of the non-linear colourgrading and finishing system by providing a for its purposes designed, intuitive and ergonomic toolset for the artist. And operational speed means more time for reativity at the end. Baselight allows integrated workflows for Nuke and Media Composer and the possibility for advanced compositing. This colourgrading software provides all the advantages that modern colourgrading and data management needs. A modern post-production tool with a total solution for file-based workflows.



The Pandora Pogle Suite

Our customers can participate actively and constructively on the work process of colorgrading in 40 sqm of area in a relaxed atmosphere with monitors beneath a Sony BVM-D24E1WE Class A Reference Monitor. The space has a 52 inch plasma display as well as a large picture canvas and sufficiently comfortable seating accomodations. The Pandora Pogle Revolution is one of the fastest color corrector on the market, working in real time regardless of resolutions. As a hybrid it is able to process data and video directly and simultaneausly to a telecine to control. With up to 70 track layers and variable programmable defocus applications, it is one of the most comprehensive grading systems. Pogle Revolution works with 16 bits directly from SAN or from local media and provides image processing in a full resolution up to 8K.




The DaVinci Suite

Scanwerk invites you to experience colorgrading under the best conditions: The best technique and equipment, 45 square meters of working area with comfortable seating accomodations and a 52 inch plasma screen for your viewing pleasure, a Sony BVM-D24E1WE Class A Reference Monitor. The experienced colorists offer their customers plenty of room for ideas.

davinci-knoepfe davinci

The DaVinci 2K color correction system, which was honored with an Emmy Award for outstanding performance in technological development offers real time colorcorrection and the highest picture resolution with the greatest precision and quality and supports an efficient and timesaving workflow when colorgrading. Hardware based systems can work with a high amount of data in real time – changes can be immediately visualized and judged. More than one Power Window per frame allows for the isolation of various areas within this, independent of whether the original comes from film to tape.


The Lustre Suite

Two Lustre systems are ready to grade your images. Our grading suites are connected together to share and work together on projects. Also one additional Flame and one Flare workstation make your data grading experience even faster. Maybe more grading options than necessary ;)