• 24.11.15 Scanwerk invites to Sony/Filmlight HDR Event

    In cooperation with Sony and FilmLight an event will be held on the subject of 4K and HDR on 04 December in our halls.

    We look forward to present you the new Sony BVM-X300 Trimaster OLED monitor in conjunction with our Baselight 2 color correction system.
    A higher dynamic range in combination with a wider color gamut provides completely new possibilities for creative art work.

    HDR is -we believe- the next “real” and major revolution in the development of the technical and creative possibilities.
    This evolution is supported by an incredibly sharp and vivid 4K image that brings an enormous amount of details with it.
    The colourist from Filmlight, together with the specialists from Sony show these new developments and opportunities.
    Of course there will also be the opportunity to discuss everything calmly and to scrutinize and naturally physical well-being is also provided!
    We look forward to you!


  • 21.09.15 Digital exterior mirror: Porsche Mission E at the IAA 2015

    So, finally, Porsche has its electro car, too. The car company from Zuffenhausen has just presented its concept “Mission E – Tribute to tomorrow” at the IAA 2015, the world’s most important trade show for mobility, opened by Angela Merkel on 17 September in Frankfurt. It is the answer to the pioneers of e-mobility from Tesla and it has ambitious aims. Looking like a 911, the car is completely electric driven and shall reach up to 600 km at 600 HP.

    The concept also shows the futuristic inventions made by the interior designers. More and more “E”: “Automative mobility” and “connected cars” are the slogans. We can marvel at a digital dashboard with touchscreen displays, the command control by eye tracking and digital exterior mirrors working via exterior cameras.
    The concept car is to go into production in 2018.
    Scanwerk graded the trailer.


  • 10.09.15 “Twinfruit” (2015) Das kleine Fernsehspiel auf ZDF

    In early september, the very funny satire “Twinfruit” postproduced by Scanwerk and produced by the ZDF’s ‘Das kleine Fernsehspiel’ was transmitted on TV. The hilarious revenge on the advertising industry and its ridiculous thought processes, a feature film in documentary film style follows a creative agency to set up a campaign for the very polular product ‘canned fruit’. Exaggerated dialogues, absurd mechanisms for action, typical for the advertising industry and much humour – these are the elements forming the film by Michael Halberstadt, Matthias Thönnissen und Ben Rodrian. The 73 minute work was produced by Lüthje Schneider Hörl Film by order of the ZDF.

    The film can still be found and watched in the online media library of this channel until the end of November.

    The Film.

    lüthje schneider hörl | FILM im Auftrag von ZDF/ Das kleine Fernsehspiel

    Matthias Thönnissen

    Sebastian Bäumler


  • 04.08.15 Digital Restoration: Caspar David Friedrich

    Another movie of Peter Schamoni was digitalized and restored by Scanwerk. The original negative of the award winning movie “Boundaries of Time: Caspar David Friedrich” with Otto Sander telling the story of the famous painter of the German Romanticism was scanned in 4k and elaborately restored afterwards.
    Besides the biography about intrigues and the underestimation of his avant-garde work, “Boundaries of Tiime” tries to catch Friedrich’s manner and the atmosphere of his paintings by the filmed landscapes.
    The film was shot in 1986 and was a co-production with the Eastern German DEFA.

    It got the seal of approval: Highly recommended and won, in 1987, the German Federal Film Prize in Gold and the first Award at the Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA) in Montreal.
    The complete movie as streaming here:

    Peter Schamoni Filmproduktion, Allianz Filmproduktion

    Peter Schamoni

    Gérard Vandenberg


  • 02.07.15 Filmfest Munich: Outside the Box

    Philip Koch’s “Outside the Box” was playing in the course of the film festival Filmfest Munich 2015. Scanwerk was in charge of the VfX and VfX supervision for this black comedy. In his debut feature, Philip Koch attacks the culture of the contemporarily popular events for corporate teambuilding.
    The professionally frustrated and underestimated Frederick Schopner (Volker Bruch) wants to use such a teambonding event to make a mark as a real deal guy. The PR manager organizing the event comes up with something extraordinarily provoking. In a high rope course, the colleague is confronted with a physical challenge as well as with a faked hostage-taking with engaged actors. Finally, the situation gets out of control because the fighting employees take the incident serious.

    Philip Koch says about his movie: “Outside „Outside the Box ist ein bitterböser Abriss über die Auswüchse der Konkurrenzgesellschaft. Wer oben mitspielen möchte, befindet sich im Krieg und da ist bekanntlich alles erlaubt. Ein ideales Terrain für eine Komödie.“ (Zit.: http://www.fff-bayern.de/presse/news/article/fff-bayern-am-set-von-outside-the-box/: 14.09.2014)

    Walker + Worm Film GmbH

    Philip Koch

    Markus Eckert


  • 25 Years Freedom
    25.06.15 25 Years Freedom

    In the context of the 25th anniversary of the Wiederveinigung, the German Federal Government had produced a cinema spot focussing on the topic FREEDOM. Since with all the freedom over the last quarter-century, one or the other in the east and in the west maybe has lost sight of the historical, social and individual importance of 1990. The Federal Government wants to recall how good it feels to be free.
    More information and the chronicle.

    Federal Government (BPA)
    UFA FICTION in collaboration with MILCHSTRASSE Filmproduktion
    Nico Kreis
    Jan Mettler


  • Fully sold out three times at the DOK.fest 2015!
    24.05.15 Fully sold out three times at the DOK.fest 2015!

    Fully sold out three times at the DOK.fest Munich 2015!
    “FROM BUSINESS TO BEING”, chosen the audience favourite of the 30th International Documentary Festival DOK.fest in Munich and accepted into the BEST.DOK series comes with a great question of our times: HOW DO WE WANT TO LIVE AND WORK? Scanwerk colorgraded the documentary and, quite captivated, followed its developement.
    Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber pick up on a topical issue of our individual existence which is more and more confronted with the necessity to play a role instead of acting authentically in professional but also in private life, with the all determing dealing with technology which leads more and more to negative individual, psychological and social effects. The film “FROM BUSINESS TO BEING” tells in a very sensitive way the story of three managers looking for ways out of the hamster wheel and their first steps into a new life.

    A former investment banker at Lehman Brothers, a large-project manager in the automotive industry and a local head of the drugstore chain “dm”. Their motivation: the request for greater enthusiasm, meaningfulness and authenticity in work. We need a painless balancing act between”Business” and “Being”. To what extent are crisis in the modern-day workworld crisis of conscience?
    “FROM BUSINESS TO BEING” gets the question rolling. It is up to all of us to find the answer.


    Hanna Henigin, Julian Wildgruber
    Gregor Schönfelder, Nathan Hunt


  • 18.02.15 RAN Boxing “We are ready”

    By saying these words in the image trailer, Artur Abraham heralds the boxing season 2015 on Sat.1. The trailer starring Felix Sturm, Arthur Abraham, Robin Krasniqi and other stars of the Team Sauerland, Sat.1 entered a long-term contract with last year, is the start of the campaign “Sat.1 – Home of the Champions”.
    The grading was handled by Scanwerk.

    ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH

    Renato Novakovic

    Find the imagetrailer here.


  • 31.01.15 Postproduction Sky Campaign “Fussball im Herzen”

    “FOOTBALL IN THE HEART” is the name of a new digital Sky campaign which is dedicated to the exotics among the supporters of our favourite sport. On January 31, 2015, the first spot produced by Fireapple and graded, finished and mastered by Scanwerk premiered on TV and on the internet.
    The campaign’s kick off is the very personal portrait of Germany’s oldest supporters’ club. The members of “Wohl-Auf Blau&Weiss” cheering for Schalke 04 take centre stage. Some of them witnessed the first championship in 1934 (!). The 77 to 95 year old make touching and amusing history while telling about their adventures over the decades.
    These still sports-mad elderly people score amiably at our cultural memory. This is not only moving but also very funny.

    The film had been shown on the big screen of the stadium before Schalke beat Hannover 96. A short version is broadcasted on ARD and on Sky Sport 1.
    This emotional homage to the German football supporters’ culture needs to go into extra-time.

    Production: Fireapple
    Idea: Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
    Director: Oliver Würffell
    DoP: Kaspar Kaven

    More information:


  • 11.11.14 Best of Best at the Automotive Brand Contest 2014

    Once again, Scanwerk productions are award-winning productions. At the Automotive Brand Contest 2014, held by the German Design Council, two projects postproduced by Scanwerk, won this year’s Best-of-Best-Award.
    “MINI Superleggera Vision” was winner in the cathegory launch film while the “BMW R nineT” campaign, whose film “Soulfuel” was graded by Scanwerk, was considered best launch campaign of 2014.


    Title: “MINI Superleggera – The creative process”
    Production: GoodGuysEntertainment
    Agency: fenomenal neu
    Director: Maximilian Cress
    DoP: Maximilian Cress

    Title: “Soulfuel”
    Production: Good Guys Entertainment GmbH / Pierre Guenther
    Director: Uta Bodenstein
    DoP: Maximilian Cress


  • 25.10.14 The Eyes & Ears Awards 2014

    Once again, the industry association Eyes & Ears of Europe honoured some productions postproduced by Scanwerk. On 23 October the 16th ceremony took place in the context of the MEDIENTAGE MUENCHEN and awarded the best productions of 2013 in the fields of ‘Design’, ‘Interactive’, ‘Promotion’ and ‘Cross-Media Campaigns’.

    Here are “our” winners:

    ProSieben “Bully macht Buddy”
    - Winner in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Campaign: Comedy”

    ProSieben-”Fashion Hero”
    - 2nd in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Programme-Campaign: Show&Entertainment”

    kabel eins “So sieht`s aus”
    - Winner “Best On-Air-Station- Campaign”

    Sky “Bundesliga Rückrundenstart 2013/14″
    - 2nd in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Station-Campaign”

    Universal Networks International Germany: 13th Street – Criminal Minds “Chronologie”
    - Winner in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Programme-Campaign: Fiction”

    Universal Networks International Germany: 13th Street – Criminal Minds “Bombe”
    - 3rd in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Programm-Spot: Fiction”

    Sky “Bundesligastart-Kampagne 2013/14 ‘Player in the Crowd’”
    - 2nd in the cathegory “Best On-Air-Programme-Campaign: Sport”





  • 05.08.14 Niki de Saint Phalle: “Un Rêve Plus Long Que La Nuit” (Camélia et le Dragon)

    In summer 2014, the Niki Charitable Art Foundation asked Scanwerk to scan and retouch Niki de Saint Phalles’ “Un rêve plus long que la nuit” (1975). This biographical art film is shown along the exhibition “Niki de Saint Phalle” at the Grand Palais Paris starting this september.
    Filmed by herself, “Camélia et le Dragon” (alternative title) can be seen as autobiographic approach to her personality especially that of the the female artist and Nana-creator. A little girl – Camélia -, age 11, wakes up in a strange and fabulous world. She is prisoner of a huge dragon. But Camélia wants to leave this infantile place and discover the world of the adults. She gets to know this world while she is looking for the treasure promised by a sorceress: love.

    The 16mm positive was scanned in 2K, DPX linear and saved on LTO. The colorgrading in 2K meant to find a composition corresponding to the work of Niki de Sainte Phalle without oversaturating the image or manipulating the original.
    The film material had been in a defective condition so that the restauration (by hand and automatical in 2K) was quite complex and elaborate.


    Director: Niki de Saint Phalle
    Client: The Niki de Saint-Phalle Charitable Foundation


  • World Class Commitment
    21.07.14 World Class Commitment

    Four stars! WORLD CHAMPIONS 2014!
    One star scored and switched on a ray of light.
    Congratulations! Mario Goetze has had a turbulent season until this 113rd minute of the final and can start to shine now.
    And he is not only able to create stars but also rays of hope; with his face and his voice and his social commitment.

    As sponsor for the campaign “Children need fans!” mounted by Plan International Deutschland e.V. he supports a girls’ football project in Brazil. The image film starring Mario Götze was postproduced and colorcorrected by Scanwerk. The main goal of the campaign was to illuminate the shadows in Brazil, the bad social conditions next to and far away from the loud and bright new stadiums.

    … and it shows that it is not only possible to win the football championship but also to realize world class social projects: with a good PLAN.

    By the way, Scanwerk also is Plan-sponsor of two girls: Kanchan Baita, 7 years, from Nepal and Mariana-Isabel Doval Barrios, 5 years, from Columbia.

    More information about the Plan-campaign:

    Production: Wolff Brothers GmbH


  • ADIDAS – Good luck for the Championship 2014!
    29.05.14 ADIDAS – Good luck for the Championship 2014!

    “Our Colors or none”: the commercial for the first world championship campaign of adidas presents the new outfit of the German national soccer team. On two shooting days, the German kickers Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mesut Oezil, Philipp Lahm, the Bender-Brother, Thomas Mueller, Manuel Neuer, Lukas Podolski and Julian Draxler in their new jerseys and some fans were starring in the TV and movie spot.

    The whole campaign was running till the beginning of the Soccer Wolrd Championship in Brazil on 12 June 2014.
    We are crossing our fingers!

    Client: adidas
    Agency: TBWA Düsseldorf
    Director: The Dempseys
    DoP: Steve Annis


  • Mini Superleggera in Villa d’Este
    25.05.14 Mini Superleggera in Villa d’Este

    The MINI Superleggera Vision suprised at the Concorso d´Eleganza 2014 in Villa d’ Este. The cooperation of BMW and the italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera created a two-seater with electrical motor, a combination of british and italian design, of MINI and Roadster.

    Title: MINI Superleggera – The creative process
    Production: GoodGuysEntertainment
    Agency: fenomenal neu
    Director: Maximilian Cress
    DoP: Maximilian Cress


  • 30.01.14 Look for BMW Hybrid at the IAA 2013

    The image films for the BMW i-models are currently being graded by Scanwerk. Under the sub-brand BMW i, the Munich car builder initially created two completely electronic cars: the i3 compact car, and the i8 sedan car, which will be presented to the audience on the IAA (The International Motor Show), taking place from 12th to 22nd September in Frankfurt. Two years ago, BMW introduced the i3 and the sports car i8 studies. This september, in hall 11, visitors are invited to test the equal zero-emission premium models.

    Source images: BMW AG
    Title: BMW I-3 and BMW I-8
    Production: Hochkant Film GmbH & Co. KG

    Video I-3, I-8




  • 28.01.14 Zur Sache Schaetzchen!

    The cult movie “Go for it, Baby” returned to a massive reception. With 6.5 million visitors and three German film awards – the Goldene Leinwand and a Bambi – the Peter Schamoni production was a great success. This classic is now digitalized and restored, with Telecine in 4K, further handling in 2K, retouching, stabilization, mastering and playout in HD. Two DVDs were created, and the film looks original and fresh at the same time.

    We are celebrating the news together with Schamoni Film and the leading actors, such as stars Uschi Glas and Werner Enke, at the Open-Air-Show: 27th July, Koenigplatz, Munich.

    Title: Go for it, Baby
    Production: Schamoni Film und Medien GmbH
    Director: May Spils
    DoP: Klaus Koenig



  • 26.01.14 “Unter die Haut”

    That gets under one`s skin: “Unter die Haut”. After the postproduction and colourgrading by Scanwerk the video of Tim Bendzko`s new single is finished and online. In pictures, it goes along the goose-bumps-duett of Tim Bendzko and power voice Cassandra Steen. The song is teaser of the new album “Am seidenen Faden – Unter die Haut” which is released on 6 december. Its a deluxe version of the last album with 12 added songs. This was not the first time that Scanwerk colorgraded a Tim Bendzko video.

    Title: Tim Bendzko “Unter die Haut”
    Director: Bernd Katzmarczyk


  • 25.01.14 Fashion Heroes

    On October 9th, the new casting show “Fashion Hero” starts on ProSieben. Its trailer and teasers were postproduced and colourcorrected by Scanwerk. In 8 shows broadcast on wednesdays, the show is looking for new designer talents who are mentored by supermodel Claudia Schiffer, Sascha Lilic and Uta Huesch.

    Title: Fashion Hero
    Director: Alexander Krause



  • Der Panther – Kawasaki Z1000
    24.01.14 Der Panther – Kawasaki Z1000

    The new Kawasaki Z1000 was presented on the EICMA in Milan at the end of 2013; under the slogan “sugomi” which means “strong character” in Japanese. In the commercial, the streetfighter bike is confronted with and compared to a panther stalking his prey and ready to jump. As there had not been any shooting with a real panther, the challenge was to integrate footage material into the shots of the moving motorbike. Afterwards, the colourgrading should create a hyperrealitic look.

    Production: Pool Productions
    Director: Tom Moran


  • 23.01.14 Dreamers win German Economy Film Award

    On August 26th, the 46th German Economy Film Award ceremony took place in Berlin, and it was truly an evening for dreamers. The BDL image film “Dreamers stay young”, directed by Nico Kreis and postproduced by Scanwerk, won first place in the Young Filmmakers category. The German Economy Film Award is one of the oldest film awards in Germany, and aims to promote topics about modern industry and the service economy in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the producers, the image film is an homage to the dream of flying, and an appeal to not forget dreaming.

    Title: BDL – Dreamers stay young
    Production: MILCHSTRASSE Filmproduktion GmbH
    Director: Nico Kreis
    DoP: Jan Mettler



  • 22.01.14 Documentary graded with Scanwerk wins the German Camera Award 2013

    The Belgian DoP Inigo Westmeier was awarded with the German Camera award in the “Full Length Movie Documentary” category for his differentiated visual work in “Dragon Girls”. The documentary tells about three girls in a totalitarian Kung Fu School in China and was postproduced by Scanwerk. We are very happy for this success. “Dragon Girls” got the title “besonders wertvoll” (“particularly valuable”) of the FBW (Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung, German film and media evaluation).

    The film had already won Best International Feature Docs Award at Hot Docs 2013 Toronto in May 2013. In November 2013, “Dragon Girls” won the German Director Award Metropolis.

    Production: GAP Films / Open Window Film
    Co-Production: BR / Arte
    Director/DoP: Ingo Westmeir



  • BMW Zagato – Awards rain for German-Italian collaboration
    21.01.14 BMW Zagato – Awards rain for German-Italian collaboration

    The Milanese coachbuilder Zagato and BMW presented the result of their unique collaboration in 2012, on the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Pebble Beach.

    The Image film of this exciting coupé in the finest tradition of automotive hand-craftsmanship, shows the evolution of this special collaboration — the creation of a design that unites the fascination of cars from these two great coachbuilders.

    The film was postproduced by Scanwerk, and so far it has been successful at festivals and even belongs in the collection of outstanding commercials and image films published in the book “Jahr der Werbung 2013”.

    2012: World Luxury Award — Winner
    2012: German Design Council,
    Automotive Brand Contest — Winner

    Title: BMW Zagato
    Production: Good Guys Entertainment GmbH
    Director: Maximilian Cress
    DoP: Max Penzel


  • 20.01.14 Almost 3,000,000 clicks for “Audi mud dub”

    In February 2013, the new Audi-Used-Cars-Center in Munich Eching celebrated with 400 guests, including mayor Josef Riemensberger, center-leader Hans-Joachim Radde and DTM pilot Timo Schneider. The last is also the main character of Tom Moran’s extra-produced image film “Audi mud dub”.

    The film was postproduced and graded by Scanwerk.


    Production: Pool Productions Media
    Director: Tom Moran


  • Kawasaki: Amazing winner in New York!
    19.01.14 Kawasaki: Amazing winner in New York!

    Kawasaki received four awards and a finalist certificate at the New York Festival’s International Television & Film Awards for the Ninja ZX-6R (636) commercial, which was colorcorrected by Scanwerk!! Two golds, a silver and a bronze award.

    The “Set Your Heart Racing” ad for the new 636cc 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R won a gold medal for Best Event Venue, a silver for cinematography and a bronze for production design and art direction. The star of the ad is racer James Hillier riding the ZX-6R on the Isle of Man, and featured some stunning scenes leaning close to the walls of the Isle’s Mountain Course.

    Title: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R “Set your heart racing”
    Production: Pool Productions Media
    DoP: Tom Moran


  • 18.01.14 Scanwerk postproduction at the Berlinale

    At the beginning of 2013 young director Anne Kodura was in postproduction of her documentary “WASTELAND – So that no one becomes aware of it”.

    The film that tells the story of Aya, Momo and Mustafa — a Palestinian girl and two Kurdish brothers who grow up in Germany — is the mirror of a childhood away from home in a asylum seeker’s camp, and a search for national and personal identity within the exile.

    “WASTELAND” ran at the 63rd Berlinale in the “Generation” programme, and was nominated for the German Development Media Award “Cinema fairbindet”, the Amnesty International Film Award, the Crystal Bear, and the generation kplus award.

    “In strikingly beautiful images and told with the words of children, this documentary recounts how it feels to be a refugee caught between worlds.”

    (63rd Berlinale – Generation)

    “WASTELAND” also won as Best Documentary Emergence Feature at the Oaxaca Film Festival 2013 and the Open Eyes Jury Award at the International Human Rights Film Festival in Nuremberg in October 2013.



  • 16.01.14 Rebel with batons – Pocket Symphonies

    Producer, composer, director and echo awardee Sven Helbig, famous for his musical experiments and his successful cooperations with Rammstein, the Pet Shop Boys, Snoop Dog, has once again cast “Zeit” in an innovative “Geist”. The skilled clarinettist and lecturer at the Carl-Maria von Weber Academia for Music – who also plays guitar, piano and drums – published a new album titled “Pocket Symphonies”. The key visual: a flipped bird made of keyboards. A provocation against the conservative guardians of sound, but also an invitation for the young generation to look at classical music. With his original ideas, Sven Helbig remains a bridge between classic and modern spirits.

    In the 60 seconds teaser for the album, a woman painted all over with notes bears the baby personification of his new type of classic music which is new above all else, because of its form and the connection with seemingly contrary images. The “Pocket Symphonies” are 12 short tracks – piano or orchestra – recorded with the Fauré Quartet, dirigent Kristjan Järvi and the MDR Symphony Orchestra. None of them are longer than 4 minutes, thus made for the facebook generation.

    Sven Helbig has already come to Scanwerk with his videos for Polarkreis 16, and Scanwerk also handled the postproduction for the first video clip of the Pocket Symphonies. The music is like a soundtrack for the little film. A boy is practising skateboard tricks while he is listening to the symphony. And against all expectations, the ollies, grabs and flips are not fast cut or accompanied by hip hop, rock or punk music. The scenes are rather time-lapsed and framed with elegiac orchestral melodies, in the sense of Sven Helbig who is brave enough to compare skateboarding with a composer’s work.


  • 14.01.14 Weit hinter dem Horizont

    29 November 2011: at 8.15 p.m.: “Weit hinter dem Horizont”, a film drama graded by Scanwerk is shown in the ARD.  The 90 minutes film drama tells about Hanna and Helmut who lives with their daughters and their live-in housekeeper on a farm in South Africa. Everything seems to be perfect. But fate dealt the family a blow: their oldest son died of an accident and actually nothing is alright. Hanna looses herself in memories while Hannes tries to forget by getting involved with a cheetah project. Then, they house a 17 year old juvenile delinquent and have to deal with a completely new challenge.

    The film was shot in Capetown and the Capetown area and colorcorrected by Scanwerk.

    Title: “Weit hinter dem Horizont”
    Client: ARD
    Production: U5 Filmproduktion, Koproduktion TOP – Two Ocean Production
    Director: Stefanie Sycholt
    DoP: Lance Gewer


  • 02.12.13 Halleluja – Scanwerk meets Peter Maffay

    Scanwerk meets Maffay. The video to Peter Maffay’s single “Halleluja”, the frist release from the 23rd(!) album, was colorcorrected by Scanwerk recently. The video was shot on the island of Fuerteventura; the result is a parallel action of Maffay on the island – with band or by motorbike – and clips from his work for aid agencies. A strong-voiced and visual stunning appeal in the pre-Christmas period.

    By the way, Peter Maffay is presenting his new album in Munich two days before the release  on January 17, 2014.

    Title: Peter Maffay “Halleluja”
    Production: Rocket Studios Medienproduktion



  • 24.10.13 ProSiebenSat.1 at the Eyes & Ears Awards 2013

    ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland was one of the big winners at the 15th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2013 in Munich. Scanwerk graded the following successful productions:
    “Germany`s next Topmodel” which was finalist as “Best bumper or station-ID package” in the cathegory Design. Winner as Best station spot in the cathegory Promotion was “kabel eins Superlogo” which was also finalist of the best station campaigns.

    “kabel eins Herbsthighlights” was finalist of the best programme spots fiction. “Sat.1 – Patchwork Family” was finalist in the cathegory “Best programme campaign fiction”, “ProSieben Green Seven” finalist in the cathegory Best social spot or campaign. The campaign “Sky: Champions League – eine Liga fuer sich” colourcorrected by Scanwerk was finalist in “Best programme campaign non-fiction”. Congratulations!!!