Technical Assistant: Uli Palko

“No way for ‘No way’.”

Since the founding of Scanwerk, Uli Palko has been a “member of the team”. He has earned the title of most faithful and present employee and because of this, is considered an indispensable asset to the team: as a technical and inter-human corner stone; as empathetic quiet soul and attentive guardian. As telecine assistant, technical support and retouch expert, with a great enthusiasm for design, he is the inhouse “go-to guy”. He is technically enclined and experienced to interactively solve problems in an effective, creative and individual manner. An outdoors man who prefers mountain climbing and hiking for recreation also enjoys using his creative energy building and working with wood in his free time. The once-lifeguard puts in the most daily mileage in the work area of Scanwerk. Motivated from the motto: “How can I help you?”, he is always ready to give a helping hand with whatever is needed.