Executive Assistant of CEO: Karin Strobl

Karin Strobl is more than the person responsible for office matters — her job lies in communicating and organizing with people. Her primary duties are office administration, accounting, loan administration and correspondence, which allow her to demonstrate her many years of job experience.

Before arriving at Scanwerk in 2006, she had already worked as an office manager with two established companies in the film industry: at Speed Systems, she organised office matters for a distributor from film / Avid technology; and collected specialised knowledge as in-house producer in the film production industry. She also accompanied editor Alex Berner with the completion of the film “The Perfume” which was directed by Tom Tykwer and produced by Bernd Eichinger.

Karin does not fit into any job advertisment template, but fits in perfectly with the Scanwerk team. With a watchful eye over all of the important company matters and processes dealing with organisation and planning, she handles all administrative duties in a fluent and reliable manner. With her open-minded way, her charming demeanour and her continuously good mood, she exemplifies the understanding of what superior service commitment represents.

Travelling and her children are her favorite pass-times. After trips to the Seychelles, Morocco, Venezuela, Israel, America, Hawaii and Thailand, there are still a few more destinations to see.