Digital & Online Artist: Georg Haas

As third permanent employee of Scanwerk, Georg joined the team in 2004. He studied before at SAE College and finished later with a Bachelor of Figital Film Making Arts from the university of Middlesex, while getting in the real life production process at the same time. Georg made the whole evolution in our company beginning with restoration, transfer services on DigitalBetacam and later HDCamSR. Afterwards he started working on the Avid DS Nitris doing conforming, retouching, compositing and finishing for a large number of commercial, corporate and feature films. Later he continued moving over in the direction of VFX work when the first Autodesk Flame System was traded by Scanwerk in 2009. Since then he moved constantly from Avid DS to Flame and worked on getting the right skills on the system. Over the years Georg developed basic skills on almost all our Systems: Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Flame, DVS Clipster, Filmlight Baselight etc.

Encoding, decoding, up- and downloading everything everywhere and lastly achieved basic skills in Linux command line to keep the systems running. Always rising was the demand for IT related work in the company. Georg also stepped in this corner to keep our existing systems running, planning and building new systems and also talking with vendors and technicians of a wide variety of companys. The IT has become more and more important over the years, what is somehow a never ending story and almost impossible to keep pace with the quickly expanding and regularly changing possibilities the market offers.